Thursday, November 09, 2006

Purchasing Real Estate in Sweden

In a series of blog posts I intend to present the Swedish rules on purchase of real estate (land, real property, private homes, villas, condominiums / condos and commercial real estate).

The posts will cover, hopefully, the following areas.

  • Applicable Swedish Codes and Acts

  • The Swedish Land Registry

  • Documentation of a real estate transfer in Sweden

  • The parties involved in a real estate transaction

  • The normal way a real estate transaction is carried out in Sweden

  • Pre-contract activities

  • Compulsory content of the purchase contract

  • Additional clauses in the purchase contract

  • The buyer’s obligation to investigate the real estate

  • Permits in connection with purchases of private homes / villas

  • Permits in connection with purchases of commercial real estate /commercial property

  • Financing of the purchase

  • Taxes, fees etc. in connection with a purchase

  • Down-payments at contract signing

  • Activities in connection with the Take-Over

  • Notes on Purchase of commercial real estate

  • Notes on Purchase of condominiums / condos (“bostadsr├Ątt”)

The easiest way of following the future blog posts is to use my RSS-feed. You do that by right-clicking here and then copy and paste in your RSS-reader.

If you would prefer to receive an email copy sent directly to you. please, either mentioned that as a comment or send an email to me at Swedish [dot] lawyer [at] gmail [dot] com

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