Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swedish Law – Purchasing Real Estate in Sweden - Sale of Co-Owned Property

I have received a question about the sale of a property by a 50 % owner.


Is it possible for a 50% share owner of a property to order the sale of the entire property without the consent of the remaining partners?

As my answer may be hard to find among the old posts on Purchases of real estate in Sweden I publish it here.


Yes and no. I am a lawyer you know ;)

The rules of the Swedish Act on Co-Ownership (Lag (1904:48 s.1) om samäganderätt) apply.

According to this act, if a house or other real property is owned by more than one person, each co-owner, irrespective of the share he owns, has the right to go to court and ask the court to appoint a custodian, who will then arrange for the sale of the property through a public sale.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Pirate Bay Sentence Today

The four men connected with The Pirate Bay were sentenced today to one year of imprisonment each for being accessories to copyright infringement. They shall also pay damages in an amount of SEK 30 million corresponding to about US$ 3.5 million. The Local has more in this article Pirate Bay guilty.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Swedish Law – SAAB Reorganisation

The Vänersborg City Court decided today at the creditors’ meeting that the SAAB reorganisation shall continue until May 20, 2009. At the request of some creditors the court appointed a creditors’ committee. As mentioned in an earlier blog post the administrator shall consult with the committee in all significant issues.

Swedish Law – SAAB Reorganisation

As mentioned in an earlier blog post the SAAB creditors’ meeting will take place in Vänersborg today. Further information can be found in this article in the Local.