Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Part I - General Issues - After-treatment measure responsibility under the Swedish Environmental Code

Aim of the Swedish Environmental Code
  • The Swedish Environmental Code states in its first chapter that its purpose is to promote sustainable development in order to assure present and future generations in Sweden a healthy and sound environment.  

Rule of environmental consideration
  • Chapter 2 of the Code contains a general rule of environmental consideration applicable to all activities.

  • The Swedish Environmental Code applies to all operations and measures that affect the environment or human health. It is thus not important if the operation or measure takes place as part of commercial or of non-professional, private activities.

Environmentally hazardous activity
  • Environmentally hazardous activity is defined in Chapter 9 i. a. to refer to any use of land, buildings or fixed installations that involves an emission to land, the atmosphere or water including all other nuisances to human health or the environment as e.g. light. noise, vibration and radiation.

  • It is important not to read too much into the word “activity” and also to view the concept of ’use’ in a long-term perspective. A rubbish dump is considered an environmentally hazardous activity, even if waste is no longer deposited, as long as the waste may result in pollution.

The next post will cover “Responsibility Issues”

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