Monday, October 24, 2005

Part I - Forms of Business Ventures in Sweden

There are several forms of business ventures in Sweden; all are open to natural persons and legal entities domiciled within the EEA. However, certain forms are also open to non-EU companies.  

The business venture forms recognised under Swedish law are the following:

  1. sole trader (“Enskild firma”)

  2. Swedish subsidiary i.e. a Swedish corporation/limited company (“Aktiebolag”)

  3. branch office (“Filial”)

  4. European Economic Interest Group, EEIG

  5. European Company (SE)

  6. Trading Partnership or a Limited Partnership (“Handelsbolag or Kommanditbolag”)

  7. Economic Association (”Ekonomisk Förening”).
In the next post I will very shortly give some basic facts about these six forms. I will then devote one or more posts on each of these forms later on.

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