Friday, February 27, 2009

Swedish Law – SAAB Reorganisation

Three points to note:

1. The future custom duties problem of SAAB seems to be solved through an agreement between SAAB and the company ”Tullxperten”. The release of the material already held by the Swedish Customs is, however, still a problem to be solved.

2. The sub-suppliers of SAAB consider the agreement they were asked by GM’s company, GPSC UK Ltd, to enter as tough. GPSC UK Ltd offered to purchase the claims of the sub-suppliers on SAAB but to this purchase were tied some tough conditions.

3. Saab AB, the defence and security company, and the car manufacturer Saab Automobile AB are two different companies with unrelated ownership structures. Since 2000 Saab Automobile AB is 100 percent owned by General Motors and Saab AB is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For further information check Saab – one name, two different companies.

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