Thursday, March 01, 2007

Competitor to Swedish Law Blog???

A friend of mine alerted me to a site called

Interesting! So off I went to the site.

  • The first thing I noted was that the left side links seemed a bit curious for a site devoted to “Swedish law” e.g. Swedish Bitters, Sweden Travel, Sweden Hotel, Swedish fish, Swedish food, Flight to Sweden. But the links lead you to other links about Swedish bitters, hotels etc. at least. So far so good!
  • The second link was to “Bankruptcy Law Reform”. Hmm, interesting but the new Bankrutcy Act was enacted in 1987/88 in Sweden? No breaking news. When I followed the link I got to a list of new links – about English bankruptcy issues. I learnt that “ It Is Possible to Avoid Bankruptcy”. Good to know but not so Swedish.
  • Next link. “Law blog” New list of links. The only one related to blogs was “AOL Women - Community Blogs”. Otherwise there were some interesting links. You could getUnlimited legal advice for only £12.75 for six months”. I did not check the site but I think that we are still using the Swedish Krona (SEK) here in Sweden!
  • The link “Law school” seemed interesting. Well, if I should go to law school again and learn some Swedish law I do not think “University of Edinburgh, School of Law” would be my first choice. But it was the first link I saw. No Swedish links.
  • The links to “Common law” and “Federal law” could not refer to Swedish law as we do not have a common law system or any federal legislation.
  • The best laugh I got when I clicked on “Sweden Map”. I got two links, one to “Free Download to Learn Swedish Fast” and to “Switzerland Maps”. Well, it is easy to mix up Sweden and Switzerland, but at a site called swedishlaw? Come on!!!

So that site is not a very useful site, if you are interested in Swedish law, but if you have a sweet tooth, do follow the link suggested by and check out ebay uk for Swedish Fish.

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