Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Purchasing Real Estate in Sweden – Normal Content of a Purchase Contract

A normal purchase contract for a private home in Sweden would contain i.a. the following headings:

1. Seller

2. Buyer

3. Real Estate

4. Transfer Date

5. Purchase Price

6. Payment Conditions

7. Debts secured in the real estate

8. Transfer of Risk

9. Insurances

10. Division of real estate income and costs

11. Costs of registration etc.

12. Present condition of real estate

13. Warranties

14. Pre-emption rights etc.

15. Issue of Purchase Deed etc

16. Attachments

17. Date

18. Signatures

In several coming blog posts I will discuss these items in some detail. However, I have in earlier posts mentioned the Seller and the Buyer .


Rudy said...

Is it possible for a 50% share owner of a property to order the sale of the entire proerty without the consent of the remaining partners?

SwedishLawyer said...

Yes and no! I am a lawyer you know ;)

The rules of the Swedish Act on Co-Ownership (Lag (1904:48 s.1) om samäganderätt) apply.

According to this act, if a house or other real property is owned by more than one person, each co-owner, irrespective of the share he owns, has the right to go to court and ask the court to appoint a custodian, who will then arrange for the sale of the property through a public sale.